• White Chocolate Raspberry Waffles

    White Chocolate Raspberry Waffles

    Want something to mix up your morning routine or compliment a great breakfast for a dinner idea? These white chocolate raspberry waffles are not only super simple to put together but delicious and perfectly sweet, making a great idea for your next breakfast preparation! What Size Waffles Does This Make? The recipe is made for…

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  • Patriotic White Chocolate Coated Strawberries

    Patriotic White Chocolate Coated Strawberries

    We normally think of chocolate-covered strawberries for times like Valentine’s Day, but these yummy treats can be made for many different occasions if you enjoy them! Today we’re going to talk about making patriotic white chocolate coated strawberries, perfect for any patriotic event or holiday…

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  • Layered Patriotic Mocktail

    Layered Patriotic Mocktail

    It’s coming up on that time of year again, time for celebrating the holiday known as the 4th of July! And since most people celebrate with barbecues and drinking, why not have non-alcoholic options for underage folk, anybody that prefers not to drink alcohol, and…

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  • Ice Cream Sandwich

    DIY Ice Cream Sandwich

    Have you ever wanted to know how to make those gourmet cookie ice cream sandwiches with decorations on the outside from the comfort of your own home? You’ve found the right place! These are not only super easy to make and able to be customized…

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  • Tuna and Cucumber Pinwheels

    Tuna and Cucumber Pinwheels

    If your family likes tuna, you can make these simple tuna and cucumber pinwheels as an easy meal prep recipe for lunches. This recipe makes up to 24 servings of pinwheels for any large family or longer-term lunch prep. What Do I Need? For ingredients,…

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  • Pumpkin Sprinkles Chocolate spoons

    Pumpkin Sprinkles Chocolate Spoons

    This recipe works wonders for hot drinks; making yourself some pumpkin sprinkle chocolate spoons can be a fun pastime for your family that you can use later as stirrers for any drink of choice! If you want a way to add style and flavor to…

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  • Shamrock Pretzel Pops

    Shamrock Pretzel Pops

    Looking for something fun to make this spring or on St. Patrick’s Day? These shamrock pretzel pops are easy and delicious to fit your party, event, or just have fun making with kids this year for the time of year. How Many Can I Make?…

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  • Champagne Jello Shots

    Champagne Jello Shots

    Need something to celebrate a holiday or event with? These jello shots are a fun way to enjoy a celebratory drink of champagne with friends or family and are easy to prepare ahead of time to bring to a party or present as a host.…

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  • Slow Cooker Beef Roast

    Slow Cooker Beef Roast

    Roasts are excellent meals for holidays and occasions of all types, and if you need a yummy beef roast for your next event, we’ve got just the recipe! This is a delicious and simple slow cooker beef roast for those wanting to make the best…

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