Champagne Jello Shots

Champagne Jello Shots

Need something to celebrate a holiday or event with? These jello shots are a fun way to enjoy a celebratory drink of champagne with friends or family and are easy to prepare ahead of time to bring to a party or present as a host.

Champagne Jello Shots

Why Use Champagne?

We upgraded jello shots by using champagne instead of other liquors because it is often associated with more classy events or celebrations, but keeping it in a jello shot can make this drink fun again. The other ingredients can also help balance the flavor and strength of champagne for those that don’t particularly like this drink on its own.

Won’t Alcohol Cook-Off?

Since you have to heat up the solution with the gelatin in order for it to form to jello, won’t the heat cook out the alcohol content in the champagne? It could if you’re not careful, which is why it’s best to add in your alcohol when the mixture is only warm or already cooled off instead of when it’s boiling hot.

Can I Use Flavored Gelatin?

If you want to add more flavor to your jello shots or cover up the flavor of champagne more completely (for those that don’t really like the taste), you can substitute your unflavored gelatin for flavored options. It may alter the taste of your gelatin by adding the white grape juice and champagne in this recipe, so be prepared for unique flavors.

What About Non-Alcoholic Options?

Making and enjoying jello shots is really fun, and if you have any guests or friends and family that don’t drink how can they partake in the fun without partaking in alcohol? You can substitute the champagne in the recipe for more juice or a sparkling drink of your choice such as sparkling grape juice which mimics some champagnes.

When Do I Make These?

The good thing about jello shots is that the gelatin can last for a while in the fridge, and can easily be brought somewhere in already complete form instead of having to make these at a party. You can make jello shots the day before an event so that they’re not only fully set for the day of but also easy to transport, or make them on a whim!

What Do I Need?

Ingredients for these champagne jello shots are simple. You need champagne, unflavored gelatin, white grape juice, water, optional sanding sugar or sprinkles for decoration, and small plastic cups to use as shot glasses. The best option are those cheap plastic condiment cups restaurants use, you can order them online in bulk easily.

Can I Customize More?

Yes! That’s the wonderful thing about using such a simple base recipe, you can customize things quite a bit. You can get special sprinkles for decorating before serving the shots, change up the flavor or type of drinks and jello you use, and so much more. This is just a great starting place for champagne-based jello shots.

Is There a Way to Set Faster?

If you forgot to prepare these ahead of time and are in a hurry to get fully set jello shots in time, it is possible to put jello shots in the freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes for quicker readiness. Be careful to keep a close eye on your creations if you’re using this method, it’s easy to forget them and accidentally ruin your jello shots!

Now it’s time to get making! This quick and easy recipe will get your champagne jello shots prepared for any occasion in no time, and you can even make some steps altered to fit your needs and creativity if you want to make things more unique for your own event. Don’t forget to drink responsibly, and remember jello shots will take longer to set in than normal shots when it comes to feeling the effects of alcohol.

Champagne Jello Shots

Champagne Jello Shots

Ingredients for these champagne jello shots are simple. You need champagne, unflavored gelatin, white grape juice, water, optional sanding sugar or sprinkles for decoration, and small plastic cups to use as shot glasses.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 12


  • 1 oz box unflavored gelatin
  • 1 cup champagne
  • ½ cup white grape juice
  • ½ cup water
  • Gold sanding sugar or sprinkles (optional)
  • 2 oz plastic condiment cups or you could use plastic shot glasses


  • Pour champagne and grape into a medium or large size bowl.
  • Start boiling the water.
  • Pour in all 4 packets of gelatin, and let stand undisturbed for 2 minutes.
  • Once 2 minutes have passed, pour boiling water over gelatin and stir well, until gelatin is completely dissolved.
  • Pour gelatin into condiment cups and refrigerate for 3-4 hours.
  • If desired, pour sanding sugar or sprinkles over them right before serving.

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