Shamrock Pretzel Pops

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

Looking for something fun to make this spring or on St. Patrick’s Day? These shamrock pretzel pops are easy and delicious to fit your party, event, or just have fun making with kids this year for the time of year.

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

How Many Can I Make?

From just this recipe, you can make 20 of these fun pops. If you need more than that, consider doubling the ingredients and spending some more time making your shamrock pretzel pops. Honestly, 20 would be enough for most smaller events or for making at home as a snack for a while.

Where Can I Get Lollipop Sticks?

Buying lollipop sticks before making these can be done through our Amazon link or in person at a craft store. Sometimes grocery stores that have candy-making supplies may have some. Still, most baking and candy sections of craft stores will be guaranteed to have some options if you want to opt for in-person over waiting for shipping.

Can I Make These For Other Events?

Making shamrock pretzel pops can be great for the time around St. Patrick’s Day. Still, you can make differing themed options any other time of year or make the actual themed ones for fun anytime too. Maybe just make them for some fun, luck-themed treats! How or when you decide to use this recipe is up to you.

Do I Have to Use Candy Melts?

Candy melts are ideal for projects like these since they’re easy to melt down and use in treats. But you can also try using white chocolate and food dye for similar results if you prefer to avoid candy melts or can’t find any in a pinch. Most grocery stores carry some candy melts but may not have green.

What Else Do I Need?

Time to talk about the list of ingredients so you can be prepared. You already know you’ll need lollipop sticks, candy melts, or equivalent substitutes. You’ll also need pretzel sticks and sprinkles. We’ve provided some cute St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles for your treats. You also want to have some parchment paper.

Is this Kid-Safe?

Yep! Kids will love this sweet treat. The limited list of ingredients means you’ll be able to easily bring them along for events with little ones and let parents know of any allergen risks. They won’t be super safe for especially young children due to small pieces and pretzels being in them, but for most kids, they’re great.

How Long Will This Recipe Take?

Making some shamrock pretzel pops won’t take too much of your time up. It’s mostly melting down candy melts and then assembling your creations however you want! Plan to set aside a half-hour for making your pops. That should be about enough time if you’re moving quickly to make these.

Do I Freeze Candy Melts to Set?

To finish off this recipe, you’re recommended to put the pops in the freezer for around 5 minutes for everything to set in place before removing your shamrock pretzel pops from their parchment paper to add decoration. This is the quickest and best method. But you can also cool it in the fridge for longer if you want before finishing.

How Do These Make Shamrocks?

Suppose you’re just looking at the ingredient list and the beginning of your procedure to make these treats. In that case, it’s probably hard to visualize how these will make shamrocks. You’re using pretzels to make the actual shape, then dipping your pretzels into the candy melts to coat it all and create the illusion of this shape.

Shamrock pretzel pops are guaranteed to impress little ones or adults for a St. Patrick’s Day event, and you will be able to put these together in no time! Follow the recipe below to learn how to make these fun treats at home.

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

Shamrock pretzel pops are guaranteed to impress little ones or adults for a St. Patrick’s Day event, and you will be able to put these together in no time! Follow the recipe below to learn how to make these fun treats at home.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 4 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 20


  • 12 oz green candy melts
  • 60 mini pretzel twists
  • St Patrick’s Day sprinkles mix
  • 20 lollipop sticks


  • Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • Add the candy melts to a microwave-safe bowl and heat in 30-second intervals, stirring well between each heating session, until fully melted.
  • Add a small circle of melted candy near the top corner of the parchment paper, place a lollipop stick in the center, then arrange 3 pretzels to form a shamrock shape. Repeat until you have filled both baking sheets.
    Shamrock Pretzel Pops
  • Freeze for 5 minutes, to set the candy.
  • Dip the pops into the melted candy, coating the entire pretzels.
    Shamrock Pretzel Pops
  • Top with sprinkles.
    Shamrock Pretzel Pops