Main Dishes

  • Tuna and Cucumber Pinwheels

    Tuna and Cucumber Pinwheels

    If your family likes tuna, you can make these simple tuna and cucumber pinwheels as an easy meal prep recipe for lunches. This recipe makes up to 24 servings of pinwheels for any large family or longer-term lunch prep. What Do I Need? For ingredients, you will need some flour tortillas, cream cheese, dill weed,…

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  • Homemade Pizza

    Homemade Pizza

    Let’s get cooking and make a perfect quick and easy dish for parties, dinners, and events that will please anybody’s tastes: homemade pizza! You can truly customize almost everything about a pizza, and making it at home is more cost-effective than ordering out, but it…

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  • Keto Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

    Keto Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

    Chicken and dumplings is a classic soup-based dish that many know and love. But for those of you out there following a keto diet because of the carbs often in dumplings and some soup bases. Today’s recipe shows you how to make the same yummy…

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  • Slow Cooker Beef Roast

    Slow Cooker Beef Roast

    Roasts are excellent meals for holidays and occasions of all types, and if you need a yummy beef roast for your next event, we’ve got just the recipe! This is a delicious and simple slow cooker beef roast for those wanting to make the best…

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  • Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks

    Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks

    Time to make a delicious and creamy buffalo spice-themed sandwich for your next dinner plan! These slow cooker buffalo chicken cheesesteaks are perfect for making any day. They will be an excellent meal if you like the creamy, rich flavor that will come with buffalo…

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  • skillet chicken enchilladas

    Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

    Looking for some Mexican-themed flavor for dinner? These skillet chicken enchiladas will hit the spot! This is easy to make a dish that you can put together in under an hour, and it’ll easily be your next favorite enchilada recipe. How Much Chicken Do I…

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